Welcome to ImpactWithDavin.com – the first post ever!

Welcome to ImpactWithDavin.com, and the first post of this blog.

It’s been after a fair bit of thought and preparation that I’ve decided to create this blog.

I felt it could be of great help to the many people out there who are craving to live the “laptop lifestyle” they’ve been hearing so much about. People from all walks of life are starting to make the transition, and it’s very exciting. We are living in an epic period of time where it’s actually possible to work from anywhere in the world that you choose to.

It’s great for people who love to travel and see parts of the world they’ve always dreamed of, and still they’re able to continue to work and earn a good living. Coolio…

It doesn’t matter if you work in the oil fields, a factory doing shift work, a typical 9 to 5 type of gig, are in an old-school type of homebiz, or you’re a self-employed freelance service provider working for other marketers and businesses etc.

People from all walks of life are getting involved. Some peeps enjoy it as a part-time additional income, and of course, those that like to build this business to completely replace or substantially increase their current income. Either way, this can work for you too.

Additionally, it’s common with many people adopting to having one “stay at home” parent. It’s opening up a whole new world to them, and allowing couples to still bring in two incomes. Exciting times… indeed!

This blog has been created for a few different reasons:

1. For readers to follow along as we chart own journey into building out another ‘new’ “laptop lifestyle” business from complete scratch. I felt it could be an excellent resource if you’re looking for valuable content when it comes to building your own home business.

2. To share with you some of the pitfalls, mishaps, blurbs, or downright f*ck ups that we may encounter along the way. It’s my hope that I can save you from making some of the same mistakes or errors in judgment that we might make. Times are always changing, and as we continue to roll with them there’s bound to be some ‘trial and error’.

3. To share everything that ‘really works well’ for us as we go through the motions of creating a profitable, scalable, and profit producing “High-Ticket/Hybrid” business.

4. To inspire YOUR OWN personal dreams, whatever they may be, and help YOU to keep your pushing towards them.

5. To provide you with tips about the mindset needed, the necessity of ‘systems’ and ‘automation strategies’ and which ones are working well for us. These may help push you through some of the struggles you might face.

6. To hold ourselves accountable to our own laptop lifestyle business. It’s been proven time and time again, that when you make a declaration to the world that you are going to chart your journey to success with others, it helps to personally keep moving forward.

For that reason, I’ve created it to help us stay motivated too. This way, when we encounter “Wins” – we can share them with readers, which can be mutually beneficial if it’s something YOU can implement too.

Once again, welcome to ImpactWithDavin.com. Let the journey and adventures begin!

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