Just when you thought you'd seen it all - this comes along ...

Completely Pissed Off and Sinfully Ashamed I Finally
Needed To Find Out How Pierre Was Doing It ...

From Prison - To Purpose & Prosperity

WTF? He Built A 6 Figure Affiliate
Business From Prison With Nothing

But A Cellphone?

You've got to be shitting me? From prison?

Some f*ckin' dude with absolutely zero past experience in affiliate marketing learns the ropes and starts banging out consistent 10K months? 

Add to this ... his only resources - a cell phone and an intermittent Wi-fi connection.

This hit home with me hard ... like a shit-load of bricks bashing in my skull.

*GASP! Obstacles ... What?*

Stop Making Excuses - Overcome Your Obstacles

The first thoughts that came to mind were, "So what the hell excuses do you got?
What kind of BS are you gonna tell your mind today huh ... ?"

I needed to find out more about this Pierre Baker guys' story, and where in the hell
did he learn his affiliate marketing chops from?

I mean -- was it possible to even build a proper affiliate funnel with only a cell phone?

Crap, for that matter - are peeps in prison even allowed to have a cell phone?

A few words of well earned wisdom here now ...

##Read and consume this entire page and story =>It possesses the power to change your entire life!

Build Your Success With Freedom Breakthrough 2.0

Dear Wannabe Super Affiliate,

Are you sick and tired of being soul-crushed and feeling like a shamed beat up loser each time you see some 'newbie-ish' marketer come along who starts slaying sales almost magically right out of the gate?

Does it feel like your heart is being ripped out and stomped on seeing dozens
of other affiliates having great success,
but for some reason ... you just can't seem
to crack the code?

Have you been feeling embarrassed about the way your family and friends might be viewing you now because you've invested so much time, money, and effort into this online marketing stuff ... but you're just not seeing the results you may have

(most likely) promised them?

That last one cuts like a full-on infectious rusty knife -- but the pain dives horribly deep when you sense their supportive nature starts taking a flying leap off
a steep cliff, right?
(It's twice as bad if you catch them rolling their eyes as if to say, "Oh no, here we go again ... run!")

Davin 'Uncle Dav' Montrose

Hey there - Davin Montrose here,

Actually, some people have decided to start coining me as 'Uncle Dav'.

I guess that's what happens when you've got a combined 15 years of skin in this game in
some way or another.

Holy Crap Dude! 

"You've been doing this stuff so long you could be like my 'Uncle Dav' or something..."

Yeah, yah ... whatever lol - I've heard this same kinda banter at least ten times
in some of the FB Messenger chats I've had in recent years. Oh well,
C'est la vie as they say... time passes on for all of us. (believe you me, it's coming...)

Anyhow, let's get to it ... I can't wait for you to meet Pierre Baker ?

The Mind Numbing Hell-Truth They Rarely Tell
You About ==> A*sholes!! 

Before I introduce you to Pierre, there's a stone cold truth that needs a l'il bit of attention.

Seriously, if you're new to affiliate marketing then you're
one lucky 'amigo' who's seeing this page now, instead of down the road sometime. Ooh my God ... I can't even speak to how many shitty out-comes that might have had.

It's a common story for most ... don't feel bad.
( You betcha - it's gonna be a thing of the past soon...)

When most affiliates get up and running they usually have great intentions of making this business work for them. The sad reality is - few rarely get off the ground to making the type of meaningful life-changing income they're craving.

There can be several reasons for this, but often times it's because many courses don't actually give you the whole story, or full picture - on purpose.

They give you just enough to 'get your feet wet', and then pull the plug on the

REAL SHIT of what's needed to sustainably build a full time income.

This is so they can keep you in a perpetual buying cycle for the next 'missing piece' through them - and before long
you can end up so damn confused tons of peeps just end up getting stuck in a vice gripping type of 'death-loop'.

Either that, if they're very new to the affiliate space ... they may not have enough knowledge on the topic to make an informed decision on if the training is current and still applies, or if it's complete and relevant enough to take them where

they'd like to get to with their business etc.

There's ways to claw yourself out of that statistical scrap-heap though.
Keep reading - you're the one who's gonna be taking control.

No worries, recently I had to give my own ass a bit of a 'whooping' and wake-up call again too (yep, it can happen - you need to re-group sometimes) ... I get it all to well.

But, just saying ...

It just plain kinda sucks! Don't you think?

Speaking to that, I remember years ago ...

... my friend Gabriel reached out to me for a bit of help. She was so distraught and teary eyed, it brings back emotions I still carry with me. I felt her pain on a very personal level ... as I watched the tears streaming down her face.

We were fairly close back then -- what hurt her, would essentially hurt me too.
If you get my drift ...

She'd literally gotten herself in so deep, she just didn't know which way was 'up or down' anymore ... In the end, I'm happy that I was of some help to her at the time.

We remain friends to this very day, and of course - I'm grateful ?

Let's Meet Pierre Baker ...

Pierre Baker - 10K/Month Earner

Now here's a guy with a story that really caught my attention.

Not only did I need to find out where he was getting his mentoring to
start banging out these consistent 10K+ months he was experiencing, but it was mega-touching how he'd been turning his entire life around too!

Talk about a complete 180 - inspiring. 

You see ...

Pierre fell into the trap that so many hundreds of teens fall into growing up in the 'rough' type of neighborhoods that are scattered across the US.

One could arguably say, often times we become of product of our environment. Yeppers, originally growing up in Queens, NY - I'm sure YOU can imagine.

Sure, he wanted to be
considered important and successful the same way all of us do. Pierre always knew he was meant for something great ... the only problem was - he learned from what he was surrounded with on a daily basis.

The gang life, drug scene BS ... wanting to be popular, and all that goes with it.

In our teen years we can definitely be impressionable - the need to feel wanted, loved, and included ... That being said, a few brash and poor decisions ended up landing him behind bars at the age of 19.

(dude was selling too much 'weed' - Yeah but, but, but wait man - damn, wasn't me ... lol ... oh shit -- oops!)

Today though, Pierre's thankful for the experience. It helped him to create an un-shakeable and positive mindset for turning his life around.

More than that though, he also wanted to lead by example by showing others from a similar environment to his own - that
IT IS POSSIBLE to make better choices and become a success ... no matter what your background.

Listen in as Pierre describes building a successful Affiliate business while in
the constrains of prison in this revealing interview below:

Pierre speaks on excuses with Tuan below ...

Where The Journey Led +PLUS
Some Unexpected Yummy News

I'm sure you've guessed by now- in time I did find out where Pierre was getting
his mentoring and acquiring his affiliate marketing chops from.

My quest for wanting to see how this guy pulled off this 'bodacious' feat from prison had been revealed, but that was just the beginning.

It turns out, Pierre was one of the first students ... damn straight impressive results!

Sh*-t though ... It was a subtle 'mere tip' of a massive ice-berg.

What I encountered next, was the REAL icing on the cake ...

It felt like I'd found a type of 'nirvana' ... something special.
It wasn't just me though. People from around the globe, and all walks of life were feeling this spark too -- beautiful life-changing stuff.

It was a bit 'mind blowing' right from the get-go ...

You can bet on this though 'amigo' (southern drawl accent included ...) - you're in for a

rare tasty treat. Oh my ... ?

Pierre Wasn't The Only One Doing Well -
LOTS Of Students Were Enjoying

Super-sweet Results ...

The Community Kicked Some 'Major Butt' Too

One thing is sure to stand out ... 

You'll be instantly pleased and inspired when you access the FB Group that's included, once you've tapped into this system and are
getting started for yourself.

It's probs gonna take you for a wee bit of a 'loop' on the old emotional roller coaster express - when you see these peeps share about conquering their demons, overcoming adversity, and barely containing their excitement as they rise to

freedom and success.

Seriously, it can choke you up your first time or two in there ...

Don't you just love that stuff? 

True under-dog stories majorly fricken' rock ... always connected well with them.

I'm sure we'd both agree on that :-)

These weren't like some of those flashy 'guru' types that we're all familiar with inside of this space online. Not even close ... These were simple every-day people just like YOU and I - overcoming all their fears, and totally shaking things up man!

Many of them started from complete scratch, had zero prior experience, and just

plain trusted the process. Why not? - having seen it work so well for others.

Sheesh! Now, there's a novel idea hey?
Trust the process ... easy logic.

Hell, I hadn't seen success stories stacking up like this in many years. It's definitely

cool to witness - no doubt about it.

There was something very special going on here ... almost sacred.

"Let's Take A L'il 'Peek - A - Boo' ... YES YES"

Daniel-Richardson - Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Success
Daniel-Chou-100K - Freedom Breakthrough 2.0
Daniel-Chou-100K-Success With Freedom Breakthrough 2.0
Rebecca-Kidd - FB 2.0 Success

"A very touching story from Cynthia - Listen in ...

... It Stands To Reason YOU CAN Do It Too  

It just shows you, as the old saying goes;

"If you put your mind to it ..." Well, you know the rest ...

I mean ... let's circle back to Pierre's story. He did all this from prison, with nothing
but a cell phone? And our excuses are what? C'mon now ...

And let's not forget, all the success everyone else is finding with this 'top of the line' affiliate training system -
Yes, it's that good!

Chances are likely 90% you've got a laptop at your finger tips, PLUS a phone.

Imagine for a minute - having those tools WORKING FOR YOU to create that bright future you've wanted, instead of mindlessly numbing your brain scrolling away on Social Media. Such a waste of time!

It's time to change all that, right? Let's stop over-thinking things ...

You'll have the necessary systems to sell more High Ticket offers - a solid crafted foundation, and Sales processes that get you where you want!

More Success Stories 

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Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Success - You're Next!

*Swallowing Pride Can Be Your Best Friend*
Take The Plunge
... Don't Ever Look Back 

'A Guaranteed Process To Bring Your Affiliate Game Back To Life'

Remember, earlier in this page I told you my own ass needed a good 'whooping' 
& wake-up call to kick things into gear again too?

It's totally true - No doubt, a re-grouping was needed to get things back on track ...
I'd made the choice to bring my affiliate marketing skills into 'today's world' again

- so now what?

Well, deep down ... in my heart, I knew the answer. The answer was 'Take The Next Step'. So that's what I did - It'd be a A WISE CHOICE FOR YOU too.

For those of you that know me,
it's no secret that back in the day - I'd built my own Email Subscriber list to 30K plus in just 18 months, and was an Affiliate Manager/JV 
Co-ordinator for 4 years or so ...

And of course, for the last 10 years I've been providing Email Copy/Sequence

services for clients.

But let me tell you,
there's TONS that has changed since the early days.
The platforms have changed, several of the strategies have evolved etc. ... 
It's a whole new game out there.

And to top things off, I was WAY over-thinking everything - not good.

My point is ...

If you've got some past experience in Affiliate Marketing, and think this isn't for

you, then might I suggest you re-think where you're at right now ...

Are you where you'd like to be?

This is for all experience levels - beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 - Great For All Experience Levels

There's some 6 fig/yr members in our group that are 'drooling' on themselves over some of the things they're learning - to take things up a notch, and another level.

Swallowing my pride from 'yester-year' success, and realizing that I needed help to get back into the game again is - 
THE BEST thing I've ever done ...
I'd do it again in a heartbeat ❤️

Listen, we both know you've likely been:

- Secretly craving the affiliate business you've always dreamed about so you can
   create the freedom and lifestyle you desire.

- Seeking an always updated, complete, 'over-the-shoulder' and Step-by Step solution       from an exceptional mentor you can trust.

Searching for an incredibly supportive & friendly community you can feel confident         being a part of. Let's face it - this is super-important for reaching your goals in
   your affiliate business. There's just no getting around that ...

So my advice to you ... Take the plunge, and never, ever, ever look back.
(Oh, and did I mention 'ever' - I think so?)

Take action - the time is NOW ?

If you let it - it can change your entire life. Let's gooo get some ...

Wishing you the best in all you do,

Davin Montrose - Impact With Davin
Davin Montrose - Impact With Davin

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