“What About A Powerful Marketing System With A Proven
Track Record
For YOUR Success?”

“Learn To Use The Exact Same Marketing System That Has Transformed The Lives Of Hundreds
For Securing Financial Independence, Spending More Time With Their Families,
Traveling The World, and Living Life On Their Own Terms…”

You’ve been following along with this learning process for building a Laptop Lifestyle Biz using “high ticket” online marketing for a few pages now, and most often that logically tells us something about you.

Here’s what this tells us:

Chances are you continue wanting to learn more because you’re tired.

You’re tired of working at your day job. You’re tired of having to drag yourself out of bed every day to spend 8 to 12 hours at a place you don’t even like. You’re tired of having to answer to someone else.

After all, it’s about time you called the shots and became your own boss. It’s about time you set your own schedule. It’s about time you took charge of your life. Bottom line, wouldn’t you rather be spending more time with your kids or your friends and family? If your single, perhaps traveling the world and finding that soul mate you’ve always dreamed about?

You know? Think about this… it’s absolutely true, right?

The best part is that YOU absolutely can BUILD YOUR OWN Laptop Lifestyle Biz when you decide to go ahead and make that change for yourself. You just make the choice, and do it. Cool huh?

Now that we’ve re-capped that fact, it’s time we take a look at the missing part that we haven’t looked at very closely yet. This is making sure that whatever “high ticket” opportunity you choose there must be a Powerful Marketing System with a Proven Track Record included for you to follow.

*The Missing Part Few Other Systems Have*

“Do You Want To Gain The Massive Advantage For Reliable Success and Building
A Business Online, By Uncovering The Framework Of How To Succeed
Running Traffic For Gathering Leads, And Launching
Any Business With Minimum Risk?”

Just as we mentioned about “closing high ticket sales” being extremely important, this is an integral part you need when making your decision on which type of opportunity that you get involved with.

But, just what does this part of the system actually involve you may be asking?

Lead Generation Pages PLUS a Followup System

Thankfully, there are some systems that can take a lot of the “tech stress” out of the equation for people when they are getting their business started. This is especially helpful for people who don’t have any prior experience with building an online business of any type.

Some of these systems come equipped with Lead Capture pages which target different demographics, have already been tested for getting good conversions, and they also provide a way to track how many leads/sales you are getting on a day to day basis. Keep an eye out for this, as it’s important.

Though building Opt-In/Lead Gen pages these days is definitely the easiest it’s ever been (compared to the past), many people still find it quite cumbersome when starting out. So this is just one great way to get you off to a good start right from the “get-go” so that you can put more focus on building the business… instead of being caught up in “tech hell”.

Effective Step-by-Step (Over The Shoulder) Traffic Training

Of course, any system worth it’s weight should include training on how to effectively drive traffic to your Lead Gen pages so that you can start getting some leads ASAP. Also, this training should be up-to-date and change a bit when necessary. Things are changing fairly consistently on several platforms when it comes to marketing your business online, so they should be keeping up with the changes for you as well.

The best systems come with traffic training which covers “paid” advertising, as well as strategies to drive your traffic for “free” too. Be sure to do your diligence on finding out if the program or “high ticket” opportunity you are considering offers the same.

Feel rest assured that if you decide to get involved with our opportunity that we have solutions available to you whether you are completely new, and just starting out, or are more advanced.

Fact is, we have an Exclusive and Secret Private Members area which we allow our serious Team Members and Biz Builders to have personal access. Yay! 🙂

Advanced Weekly Training & Accountability

After you’ve gone through a system’s core training and have started driving traffic to your landing pages that they supply for you, it’s important that you’re always going to be staying ahead of the curve. Also, the accountability and commeradery that can come from others in your program is irreplaceable. It’s damn powerful in fact!

This is usually done with daily meetups, weekly webinars etc. Once again, be on the look out for this. Some programs will do these once a week, twice a week, or there are some that will even do it daily through a Facebook Group etc… and/or a combination of both types. Great stuff.

Lastly, we touched on this before briefly. One of the most important things is that the system has many members who are achieving great proven results simply by following the same system you’ll have access to. This proves that members coming from every skill-set background, such as beginners or advanced… are likely to achieve the results they’re after too… provided they put in the work that is required, of course. ??

Also, please remember that if you have any questions at all, you can simply reach out and Contact Us. We’re more than happy to help out in any way we can.

We wish YOU the best for your life always!

Davin & Carla - The Impact10X Machine

**Davin & Carla** – The ‘Impact10X’ Machine