*High Ticket Closing* – “Without This Your Results May Be Shitty!”

“The Internet is not going anywhere. If anything, it’s going to grow BIGGER, BETTER, and much more LUCRATIVE. So get on the Internet and “get to it” Now…” – Dan Lok

“How To Close High Ticket Sales, Even If You Completely Suck On The Phone”

When it comes to building your Laptop Lifestyle Biz through the use of “high ticket” sales there are a couple of realities that you’ll come to understand.

First, there’s a reason why we want to use the “high ticket” income model. Simply put, by leveraging this model it is the quickest way to 6 figures per year. However, if you’re used to “regular” affiliate marketing there is a shift in mindset that you’re going to need to incorporate.

  • We’re talking about “high ticket” sales here, so these products are most often priced at least $1000 to $5000. Sometimes products using this type of model can even get into 10k Plus and beyond…(not our system though)
  • While with regular online marketing often times simple email followup sequences will suffice to get you the sales on lower priced items… with “high ticket” items however, usually there is extra steps involved.
  • These extra steps are contacting your prospects via Phone or Skype etc, and knowing how to “close them” successfully. “High Ticket” generally requires building more trust with your prospects, and it’s a necessary component of the process.

We’re big fans of Dan Lok. If you’ve ever heard him talk or follow some of his trainings you would understand why. He is the master of closing “high ticket” sales. Also, he’s one of the few who truly understand that if you want to get to those 6 Figure years ASAP, he’ll be the first to tell you that to make it happen… then you must…

“Develop a High Income Skill where people are willing to pay you “above average” and substantially for…”

Now, one of these skills that Dan teaches about and is a master at himself, is acquiring the skill-set and art of “closing high end sales” via the telephone, Zoom calls etc. There are people who make a full time 6 Figure living doing just this alone for other companies and they are paid handsomely for it.

People in this profession are usually referred to as “high ticket closers”.

So you might be asking yourself…

“Hmm crap, well how the hell do we do that if we’re affiliates or Re-Sellers for another company’s products or home business opportunity?”

Well, it’s a great question, and you have two alternatives here:

– You fly out there completely blind, fall on your face a few hundred times trying to figure it out all by yourself…


– You join an opportunity and system where they give you all of the training you’ll ever need to be the “best” at this Mother of a Kick-Ass business model ?

“The Ugly Truth When Just Starting Out”

Here is a truth that we totally understand, and can completely empathize with.

If you have no prior experience when it comes to building a Laptop Lifestyle Biz, we know it can feel pretty intimidating. After all, there are skill sets that you’ll be learning and starting to put into practice, and this alone can make you feel a bit overwhelmed.

We get it. It takes a while to build up your confidence and to “hone” your skills until you’re getting comfortable with this whole “high ticket online entrepreneur” thing.

It’s for this reason that we provide you with access to everything you’ll need, and always recommend that you pick an opportunity and system where they do point YOU towards a duplicable system too… ?

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