After working from a laptop for 16+ Years wearing several 
Homebiz hats and Titles ... What do you learn?
  ==> A Gi-normously Huge Stanking LOT!

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It seems you must have a few solid smarts and a bit of
market sophistication behind you - a tough nut to crack eh?
It's okay. Don't blame you one bit. I wouldn't have either ...

You know what this means though, right?

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Davin Montrose - Impact With Davin

Hey there - Davin Montrose here,

Actually, some people have decided to start coining me as 'Uncle Dav'.

I guess that's what happens when you've got a combined 15 years of skin in this game in
some way or another.

Holy Crap Dude! 

"You've been doing this stuff so long you could be like my 'Uncle Dav' or something ..."

Yeah, yah ... whatever lol - I've heard this same kinda banter at least a dozen times
or so - in some of the FB Messenger chats I've had in recent years. Oh well,
C'est la vie as they say ... time passes on for all of us. (believe you me, it's coming) ?

Tick Tick Tick ... (it's quite loud now - your brain is doing it's grinding through the gears thingy. You're bang-on defo wondering to yourself)


Yeah, But Who The Hell Are You?
Like Really? Hmm ...  Should I Give A Sh*t?

Of All Newsletters To Join - Why Yours Bud?

Okay - uhm uhm uhm ...

(Dav, just relax buddy - don't blow this part. It's an important part they seriously need to know about ... just breathe breathe ... breathe. Don't worry.  Silly boy, It's not like you're Will Ferrell in Elf  or something (never measuring up to the other little Elves) Santa!!!! = giant dork.

You know your stuff bruv. C'mon now - READY - Clear the Mechanism ... clearing meeechaaaanissssmmm go  go  go ... oooh God - clearrrrriiinnngggg go ... Mechanism Clear )

Alrighty then. GAL DANG IT. Yeppers, got my grip on now. Whew!

That was a close one. Damn near melted my brain I think ... lol

Newsletter Sign-Up Reason #1

Okay Shhhh - be very, very quiet (Elmer Fudd style). This is confidential stuff

I shouldn't even be telling you this. It's hush hush, and I just might get some blow-back retaliation ... this has never been exposed publicly before now.

I need you to keep this on the down-low alright?

But ... It seems I've been the hidden *tight lipped* ghost writing secret weapon for a few of the most discerning and 'high quality only' online marketers.

For instance:

  • I've been Mark Acutt's (Andre Chaperon's closest friend and #1 Success story) long time and private 'go-to' copy guy for many years. I've ghost-written for Mark on many
    of his own personal projects (mainly pre-sales copy for affiliate offerssince 2009 or so.

    Additionally, Mark has referred me to literally dozens upon dozens of his own Coaching Program students - where the work involved everything from pre-sales pages, email follow-up sequences, all the way up to full product creation, sales pages, funnels, graphics, and more.

    This kinda had a trickle down effect. For obvious reasons, many of Mark's coaching students are customers of Andre Chaperon products  (Autoresponder Madness, Tiny Little Businesses, Sphere of Influence etc) where he helps them implement the training with his own vast first-hand extensive knowledge.

    In short, I've been writing for both customers of Andre's and coaching clients of Mark's - behind the scenes ... for ages. Mark and I have become great friends over time, and we've always maintained this working relationship. ?

What It Means For You?

It means - that every other week you'll be able to get 'copy' and 'follow-up' tips from
a dude that's been in the trenches doing it for many years. I can share everything that's worked very well, hard lessons learned from blunders that may have
 completely failed, and much more!

"I've been full time online marketing since late 2007. Davin has been there almost since the beginning and over the years we have become what I like to call "real" friends.

He's been an asset to my business and I've hired him to assist me with various projects. He writes a lot of blog content, reviews, pre-sales pages, sales copy, and email conversion sequences for various niches. His pricing has always been more than 
fair and his work etiquette impeccable. So much so that I recommend his services to my own clients.

I've always had great feedback on Davin's work. So never worried about my reputation when recommending him.

I still require his assistance to this day, and many of my own projects would have been a lot more difficult without him.

So if you're looking for someone genuine, honest and reliable to assist you - I can't recommend Davin enough!"

Mark Acutt

Mark Acutt

Andre Chaperon's Closest Friend & #1 Success Story

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Newsletter Sign-Up Reason #2

  • Have been an Affiliate Manager and/or JV Co-ordinator (4+ years) for a few legendary online marketers through the years including Paul Lynch, Mark Acutt, Tim Brocklehurst, Todd Gross, and Holly Mann.

  • Heck man, I've even performed work for the King and Titan of online marketing himself ... Russell Brunson - lining up his Ad-swaps (sub-contracted via Paul Lynch)

  • Was asked to be a featured expert due to my affiliate management experience in a product called The Future Of Info Marketing - released by Glazier/Kennedy (Dan Kennedy's main training company).

What It Means For You?

Yep, it seems I know quite a lot about affiliate marketing too.

Cool facto-mundo ==> to this day I still consider it to be one of THE BEST online marketing business models you could ever get yourself involved in.

But ... there's 'smart' ways to go about it - to get the most leverage possible in the shortest amount of time.

It comes down to choosing offers very wisely to ensure maximum profits, persuasion, email follow-ups etc. (yes, email is still king - don't believe the BS floating around out there that it's dead. That's just crazy ... some peeps will hack down just about anything to sell  you their crap, instead of 'the real truth')

I'll be sharing knowledge and truth bombs with you in this area from time to time too. Sweet!

"I've had the pleasure of knowing Davin the past few years. We have worked together in online business ventures several times - and it has been a wonderful experience. Davin is the type of person you want to know a lifetime. He's an incredible person - someone you can trust on both a personal and business level."

Holly Beth Mann

Honest Riches Fame & YouTube Star

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Newsletter Sign-Up Reason #3

  • Have written email copy, and designed 30 day/mo long email sequences for the huge billon dollar US powerhouse company National Debt Relief

  • LOVE LOVE - absolutely EVERYTHING to do with email marketing, and I've
    acquired a total unquenchable thirst and passion for helping E-Commerce store owners find and create more profits through their email marketing set-ups and systems.

    This is done by implementing the knowledge of setting up 'ultra- necessary' Core structural email flows and campaigns ... PLUS follow-ups - in *key* locations in the buying cycle of your customers' journey. Without these set-up properly for your
    E-com store, you're missing out on extracting tons of X-tra profits you may not
    even knew existed.

    On top of that, did you know there is over 180 email campaigns and ideas that you could be adding to your promo calendar each year? Can you just imagine how knowing each of these might add some much deserved revenue for your E-com store every year?

What It Means For You?

If you're the owner of an E-com store looking for added & exciting ways to profit from your biz - you'll love this newsletter. You'll have no excuse for not coming up with an email campaign. Of course, I'll be sharing all of this helpful need to know info with you!

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Newsletter Sign-Up Reason #4

  • In 2023 - I've decided to come completely out of the closet.

    What? The hell you say? Naughty, naughty - oops, caught your mind in the gutter did we? Ha! - I kill myself sometimes ? Just kidding. What I mean is this ...

    After having been the guy mainly 'behind the scenes' providing services for other marketers for many years - I've decided to build up a spankin' brand new business from the ground floor once again ... IN PUBLIC for all to see.

    Meaning, I'll be sharing everything I'm doing with you step-by-step ... week to
    week etc. However - I'm going to take it one step further ...

    And let me just say, this is a HUGE 'mega-quantum-licious' STEP (hmm, is that
    even a word Dav? In my world - hell ya) - you're not going to want to miss out on.

    This alone is worth getting on-board with my newsletter for - you betcha ... this
    is sure to rock YOUR world.

    You see ... not only are you going to get to see everything 'step-by-step', but you're also getting access to the exact main LinkedIn system I'll be using - 100% FREE!

What It Means For You?

You'll get access to the LinkedIn Personal Branding School to build a strong brand in just 3 months - no matter your niche, industry, or job position.

It includes:

- 9 core video training sessions (these kick butt)
- examples, templates, a personalizable Notion workspace, checklists, resources ... the     works!

Additionally, you'll also be snagging access to The LinkedIn Multichannel Masterclass where you'll learn how to book meetings with 30%+ of your cold prospects to grow your biz way faster.

This comes with:

- a full 58 lesson video course
- a personalizable Notion workspace, and just as the above mentioned ... more of the         whole works for ya ?


- the support of a super active 10k + member community (a gem of a place and 
exactly what I was searching for too - you're in for a rare tasty treat)


"I have had the privilege of working alongside Davin for various projects. He's incredibly knowledgeable, concise, punctual, and very approachable on a plethora of ideas. There is never a delay in a project. He is completely reliable and professional. I would choose no other!"

Laurie Dickson

Laurie Dickson
2X - World Champion Fitness Model / Isagenix Pro Athlete/ Lethbridge Hurricanes - Head Fitness Trainer | (Owner) Aspire2BFit Athletic Clubs/Training Services - Canada

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The 'Dav's Scratch Pad' Booster+ Quad-Pack 

So there you have it ...

4 compelling reasons to join my newsletter (well sheez. They should be ... yeah? ?)

And since I just kinda like coming up with nifty cool names for stuff, we'll call these

4 reasons the *'Dav's Scratch Pad' Booster Quad-Pack* - sure, that will do ?

core values we embrace over here are:

  • Freedom - (to become who and what YOU dream to be)
  • Honesty/Integrity - (who the heck wants to listen to someone's lies and BS every day?)
  • Courage - (change the crap in your life you don't want anymore - the courage to change ... of course this needs to be addressed)
  • Humour - (you simply have to laugh and have fun with things in life. If we can't
    have a little fun along the way ... "what's the point?")

That's a wrap for now - you know what to do!


Looking forward to know you more ...

Davin Montrose - Impact With Davin

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