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"I have had the privilege of working alongside Davin for various projects. He's incredibly knowledgeable, concise, punctual, and very approachable on a plethora of ideas. There is never a delay in a project. He is completely reliable and professional. I would choose no other!"

Laurie Dickson

Laurie Dickson

2X - World Champion Fitness Model / Isagenix Pro Athlete/ Lethbridge Hurricanes - Head Fitness Trainer | (Owner) Aspire2BFit Athletic Clubs/Training Services - Canada

"I have been learning from Davin for several years. He's openly shared his wisdom and tips with me. Davin has always made a personal approach to mentoring. This has been invaluable in my learning experience. His honesty and sincerity have been maintained since our very first contact, and I highly recommend him!"

Carla Zee

Carla Zee

Dav's Former VA

"I've had the pleasure of knowing Davin the past few years. We have worked together in online business ventures several times - and it has been a wonderful experience. Davin is the type of person you want to know a lifetime. He's an incredible person - someone you can trust on both a personal and business level."

Holly Mann - Life And DIY

  Holly Beth Mann
 Honest Riches Fame & YouTube Star

"From the very first time I contacted Davin for a bit of help years ago, he's always been totally upfront with me. He's helped me out generously many times, and has shared his extensive knowledge never asking or expecting anything in return. He's an awesome guy, and we've now become great friends."

Jenny Rhodes

Jenny Rhodes

Web Entrepreneur

I've been full time online marketing since late 2007. Davin has been there almost since the beginning and over the years we have become what I like to call "real" friends.

He's been an asset to my business and I've hired him to assist me with various projects. He writes a lot of blog content, reviews, pre-sales pages, sales copy, and email conversion sequences for various niches. His pricing has always been more than 
fair and his work etiquette impeccable. So much so that I recommend his services to my own clients.

I've always had great feedback on Davin's work. So never worried about my reputation when recommending him.

I still require his assistance to this day, and many of my own projects would have been a lot more difficult without him.

So if you're looking for someone genuine, honest and reliable to assist you - I can't recommend Davin enough!

Mark Acutt

Mark Acutt

Andre Chaperon's Closest Friend & #1 Success Story

Davin Montrose - Impact With Davin

Who Is *Davin Montrose* - 'Uncle Dav'?

In addition to being a former Affiliate Manager/JV Co-ordinator for several of the top figures in the internet marketing space (4+ yrs) - I've been  providing Email Copy (+Automation Sequences), Pre-Salespage Writing and Website Creation systems to clients for over 10 years now.

#1 MAIN FOCUS: We help 'on the move' online businesses and E-Com Brand store owners - by providing them Gold Standard Email Automation Systems For 'Kick-Ass' High Conversions & Magically Increased Sales ... 

(in conjunction with my services biz), I've also returned to another online passion which has always been Affiliate Marketing.

When not tinkering and testing out semi-automated systems on my laptop in beautiful BC, Canada - you can usually find this former (road beaten) drummer going for a “dig” on my drum kit, or eating copious amounts of sunflower seeds while watching Investigation ID.

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